If today people want to lose weight they do not necessarily have to go through the pressures and strain that often accompany sticking to a rigid exercise regime or by following a strict diet as instead, there is now a weight loss product that process obsolete. The product is PhenQ and although it can help you lose weight in just 4 weeks without the need to exercise or go on a diet, if you do combine it with these two things, the results will be even more impressive but, according to PhenQ’sofficial website the results will be impressive anyway. Although the claims made by PhenQ’s manufacturer were just that; claims, when it was first introduced, today there are many reviews online which back up those claims and so it is rapidly growing in popularity by people that want to lose weight but do not have the time or patients for exercise regimes or diets. In the 50s and 60s there was a drug available called Phentermine and this drug became very popular as it was able to help people lose weight without exercise or diets but once it was discovered that it was addictive, the FDA decided to carry out tests on it. The findings of the tests showed that not only was Phentermine addictive but it also contained many other chemicals that were hazardous to health or at least potentially hazardous to the health of those that used it. As a result of these findings and to the disappointment of those that wanted to lose weight, the FDA banned it from further use, leaving people wanting to lose weight with no other option than to exercise and diet. Many pharmaceuticals companies since then have tried to emulate Phentermine and although some came close, their efforts were thwarted by the FDA as also containing chemicals that were potentially hazardous to health. Today there are many weight loss products available but none had been able to meet the weight losing power of Phentermine until the introduction of PhenQ. PhenQ is considered to be the new and better Phentermine for our age and time but the truth is that it is so much different. PhenQ is different from Phentermine because even though it may have the same weight losing qualities, PhenQ, unlike Phentermine has already been found by the FDA to be free from any harmful side effects as it contains none of the harmful chemicals that were discovered in Phentermine. The FDA found PhenQ so safe that they even allow it to be sold as an over the counter drug meaning someone does not even have to get a prescription before they can purchase it. At last once again today, people that want to lose weight can do so without the need to go on a diet or undergo strenuous exercise regimes. However, exercise and diet still remain the best way to achieve weight lose but if you add just a little bit of each to the use of PhenQ, the results will be amazing and those results can be seen in just 4 weeks.